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KIA Optima service repair Southfield MI

KIA Optima service repair Southfield MI
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KIA Optima Service Repair

When it comes to cars, it is important that you have a reliable place to have them serviced. At Glassman KIA in Southfield Michigan, we have worked on countless KIA Optimas and have spent years building our reputation to what it is today. In this article, I’m going to tell you all about the many services that we offer at our KIA service center and let you know what to look for when it comes to potentially needing to repair your vehicle.

Southfield MI - 2018 Kia Optima's Overview

Tire Alignment Service

Tire alignment is an often overlooked, but highly important part of a vehicle’s maintenance. Tire alignment is how the vehicle’s suspension connects to the vehicle’s wheels. The 3 main things that a technician takes into consideration when checking a tires alignment is the vehicle’s caster, toe and camber. A vehicle’s caster is the angle of a vehicle’s steering axis from the side. This helps your vehicle with cornering, steering and stability. A vehicle’s toe is the amount that a vehicle’s tires turn inward or outward when they are viewed from above. A vehicle’s camber is the outward or inward angle of a tire while looking at the vehicle from the front. The reason why tire alignment is so important is because if your tires aren’t aligned properly then your car is more likely to drift in an undesired direction. Signs that you vehicle’s tires need to be realigned are that the steering wheel is vibrating, the steering wheel is off-center while driving straight, there is uneven tread on your tires or that your car in drifting in a certain direction on its own.

Southfield MI - 2018 Kia Optima's Exterior

Engine Repair Services

The main component of any vehicle is its engine. A vehicle’s engine is very complicated and it can face a wide variety of problems. Some of these problems are very simple to fix and others may require your entire engine to be rebuilt. Some signs that your engine needs to be repaired are that your engine is going through a lot of oil, making knocking sounds, your vehicle is smoking from its tailpipe or because your vehicle has low oil pressure. These are just some of the signs that your engine needs to be repaired and if your car is showing any other signs of abnormal engine behavior then you should take your vehicle into a KIA service center.

Southfield MI - 2018 Kia Optima's Engine

Brake Pad Replacement

A vehicle’s brakes are crucial to a vehicle’s performance. Without brakes, then a car is pretty much useless. A vehicle’s brakes are also pretty much useless if they do not have brake pads. Brake pads are the pads that go between a vehicle’s brake shoe and brake drum. Over time, the brake pad wears down and needs to be replaced. If not replaced, then a vehicle will not be able to come to a proper stop and your vehicle’s brake shoe and brake drum will grind on each other. While the necessary time between changing brake pads will vary, it typically will be between 30,000 and 35,000 miles of driving. Some signs that it is time to replace your brake pads are that your indicator lights are on, your brake pads are less than a quarter of an inch thick, there is the sound of metal grinding on metal when you use your brakes or that there are screeching noises when you use your brakes.

Southfield MI - 2018 Kia Optima's Safety

Starter Repair

While it is not often thought about, a vehicle’s starter is a very important part to any vehicle. A starter is the device that rotates a car’s engine and starts the vehicle. Without a starter, a car’s engine is unable to work and the car is unable to start. With that being said, a starter is still susceptible to damage and will sometimes need to be repaired. Signs that a vehicle’s starter needs to be repaired are that it is making a grinding noise when you try to start your vehicle, it is freewheeling, it is smoking or that the solenoid isn’t working.

Car Battery Replacement

Another very important part to any vehicle is the car’s battery. The battery is arguably the most important part to any vehicle because without a battery the car’s engine won’t start and none of the electrical devices in the car will work. Since the car’s battery is constantly being put to work, it needs to be replaced fairly often. While numerous factors go into how often your vehicle’s battery needs to be replaced, it usually needs to be replaced about every 3 years. Some of the signs that your car’s battery needs to be replaced are that your vehicle’s electronic features are not working right, your car will not start or that your car’s headlights are dimmer than they should be.

Stop on by Glassman KIA!

Over the course of this article, I have gone over the many repair services available for a KIA Optima. If you have a KIA Optima and need to have it serviced, then visit our KIA Optima service repair shop in Southfield Michigan. Glassman Kia has been serving Detroit Dearborn Novi Southfield for numerous years. Not only have we been serving Detroit Dearborn Novi Southfield for many years, but we have also served all of Michigan for just as long and would love to serve you too.

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