Why Buy 2019 KIA Optima Southfield Michigan for Sale in Southfield near Detroit Michigan

Why Buy 2019 KIA Optima Southfield Michigan

Why Buy 2019 KIA Optima Southfield Michigan
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Vehicle Overview

To review this sizeable 2019 KIA Optima: It is a Korean sedan, nicely designed – with style similar to the previous version – and it is remarkable for its original, dynamic and harmonious design. The 2019 KIA Optima is available in a unique, incredibly well-equipped version, and this Kia sedan is also offered at a fabulous price. The automatic dual-clutch transmission is not possible (the Kia DCT7 does not support that much torque), but the standard 6-speed automatic transmission works flawlessly. Into this market that is a concert of novelties, Kia, therefore, slips the new-generation 2019 Optima.

Southfield Michigan - 2019 Kia Optima's Overview

2019 KIA Optima Exterior

The “tiger nose” of the Optima has a new chrome finish to help it go upmarket. The front and rear bumpers are also slightly revised and enjoy blue and chrome accents, like the side skirts.

Southfield Michigan - 2019 Kia Optima's Exterior

2019 KIA Optima Interior Features

You may wonder: “Why buy this 2019 Optima?” Well, the multimedia system for the 2019 KIA Optima integrates Apple Car Play and Android Auto, and you may also opt for the navigation system. After viewing its rivals who are bland, Kia provides us an Optima which has all the appeal of a sex symbol. Materials and a revisited steering wheel transform the interior, and we still welcome new equipment, such as a parking aid with panoramic views. Finally, the trunk has a decent amount of space. Also, you ought to visit Glassman KIA, your Southfield KIA dealership in Southfield Michigan, to review it yourself.

Southfield Michigan - 2019 Kia Optima's Interior

2019 KIA Optima Mechanical

You might still wonder: “Why buy this 2019 Optima?” Well, in essence, there is also a new motor on this Optima 2019, with the arrival of a turbo T-GDi. More importantly, the Optima makes its rivals’ achievements bland and innocuous to the point of giving color to the image of the Korean brand. But his appetite is quite contained: you will therefore quickly maintain excellent fuel economy during your driving even if it is somewhat dynamic.

But it is mainly the range of engines that evolves. You may also use the controls to slide the opaque cover and enjoy the light, without opening the roof. Kia has nevertheless noticed that the market has more and more alternative variants, namely natural gas fuel, electricity or even hybrid models. Therefore, there is no question that this car is a good deal.

Southfield Michigan - 2019 Kia Optima's Mechanical

So, you still wonder: “Why buy this car?” In use, the gearbox also does not suffer. It is flexible and entirely reactive, and it displays a subtle sweetness of reaction. The promptness of the car’s reflexes is impressive. It is also well designed, efficient and quite pleasant to drive. And it is still a great car to drive, even in terrible weather conditions.

2019 Kia Optima Powertrain

The gearbox is smooth even during low-speeds. And this model is particularly generous in its dimensions. Thus, the Korean 2.0 T-GDI is very satisfactory: and even without selecting the “sport” mode that changes a little display on the dashboard and that makes the answer to the accelerator immediate. Exemplary finish, elegant presentation, quality materials, everything is there. The interior is also impressive.

For this car, nothing is too good, and Kia, therefore, accumulates high-end equipment: hydrophobic windows, rearview camera, lane departure warning system, tire pressure monitoring, heated steering wheel, heated front and rear seats, correction of trajectory, etc. Everything, or almost everything, is there. Also, the proportion of gasoline engines is on the rise, and the tax benefits for hybrid cars are not negligible either. Nothing new, but we are more used to this kind of attention on more affluent roads. The transmission is also more fluid than the “DSG” of Volkswagen.

This automobile has done the job, even with honors. This Korean sedan is, therefore, a mechanically pleasing car, and one with significant performance. The quality, equipment, engine, and design are at the height of the best of the competition.

I support this car, and it handles itself well. And this quality is confirmed on the inside, with complete equipment, quality assemblies, few details subject to criticism, etc. (the high-performance version has a dashboard or counters that are a little more typically sporty).

2019 KIA Optima Safety Features

Note the arrival of new technologies on board, and this is available from the first level: GPS, assistance with maintaining lanes and reading speed panels. Also, its systems come with: an adaptive regulator which automatically adjusts the speed of the car to that of the preceding vehicle, the control of the stability of the vehicle during braking and cornering which acts on the trajectory and the motor-assisted steering if it perceives a loss of adhesion, etc. It also has lane-keeping assistance which uses the markings on the ground, 270° panoramic vision, an autonomous emergency braking that activates in the event of a potential collision with another automobile or a pedestrian, parking assistance, the detection of blind spots and rear traffic, etc. As another example, the car benefits from the arrival of a fatigue detector. Yes, the safety gear is plethoric, even if some assistance systems are unavailable.


Now that you know more, you need to have a conversation with the Glassman KIA dealership, a Southfield KIA dealership, in Southfield Michigan. Also, they focus on serving buyers in Southfield Michigan. Therefore, the team at Glassman KIA will be delighted to support you, if you wish to review this car at a Southfield KIA dealership.

*Article for general informational purposes, for complete details please contact the dealership.

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